Rockland County orthodontist

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General dentists perform many vital services on your behalf, but when you need straighter teeth or you have an issue with your jaws, you should get the necessary attention from a specialist. That’s what you get here at Kastin Orthodontics. For kids and adults alike, we provide the high level of skilled care that assures you of optimal results.

Rockland County orthodontist

From the time you first enter the office of our Rockland County orthodontist, you’ll be impressed by the degree of professionalism that is put into every aspect of what we do. Beginning with examinations and consultations, and moving on to evaluation and treatment, details are given their due. Our Rockland County orthodontist is not just interested in pointing you or your child toward the most popular treatment, but toward the one that is most effective, and meets your needs, preferences, and comfort level. Metal braces still do a magnificent job of moving teeth into a more ideal position, and for some of the more challenging cases they are the only way to get the outcome you desire. Today’s version of metal braces are more lightweight and stylish, not thick, heavy, and unattractive like the ones they have replaced. And Invisalign, while not best for everyone, offers many benefits. They’re perfect for eliminating any concerns with how you look when wearing braces because their clear plastic construction makes them invisible. They are also associated with greater comfort, eliminating the possibilities of soreness and irritation. Invisalign aligners are also removable, which is a good thing if you’re disciplined enough to put them back in when you should. Otherwise, it may be a point in favor of metal braces.

Our Rockland County orthodontist gives you the confidence to know that yours or your child’s teeth and jaw positioning is being handled by a dedicated specialist. Please contact our office now to arrange a time for an appointment.

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