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Rockland County Orthodontic Office

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Orthodontic disorders in Rockland County

Rockland County orthodontic office
Rockland County orthodontic office

At Kastin Orthodontics, our Rockland County Orthodontic office handles those who are suffering from orthodontic disorders. It’s important to take care of orthodontic disorders, because straight teeth are easy to take care of and can be cleaned easier. Sometimes problems with orthodontics can lead to other issues such as tooth decay. We have been voted the top orthodontist in Rockland County for the last 10 years and are open on Saturdays as well from September through May.

We know that orthodontic disorders require a specialist who knows what they’re doing and can provide the proper care needed for patients. Disorders can include dental and facial irregularities that need our Rockland County orthodontic office to specifically look at them and make the right decisions for treatment. Our goal is to treat properly in order to bring the facial alignment into balance. Crossbites, overbites and openbites all qualify as orthodontic disorders. A crossbite happens when one or more upper teeth ‘bite’ on the inside of the lower teeth. It can be corrected with braces.

Openbite is when there is a vertical overlap of the teeth caused by oral habits like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting. It’s important to get this and other orthodontic issues taken care of as soon as possible to avoid future complications. Openbite can be corrected through growth modification of the jaws with braces at our Rockland County Orthodontic office. Correction of these and other bite problems should be done in order to reduce improper functioning of teeth, and to reduce wear on certain areas of the teeth and to cut down on jaw or joint problems. Most issues can be corrected with orthodontics, which use a constant yet gentle pressure to move teeth into the right position over time. For more information, call our Rockland County office and find out why Dr. Kastin has been voted one of the top orthodontists in Rockland County.

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