Pediatric braces Rockland County

Pediatric Braces Rockland County

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Kids braces in Rockland County

Pediatric braces Rockland County
Pediatric braces Rockland County

Given the opportunity the best time to begin improving the bite and straightness of teeth is when the mouth is still forming during childhood, this is when the treatment is most effective and the shorter in duration. Traditionally, parents waited until early adolescence about 12 or so to bring their children into an orthodontist office to evaluate them for pediatric braces Rockland County but the American Association of Orthodontists believes that the optimal age for an evaluation of your child by an orthodontist is at age seven, even earlier if there is a noticeable problem.

The practice is called interceptive treatment, which if needed can begin anytime between 7 and 11. During interceptive treatment orthodontic appliances maybe used to create room for crowded, erupting teeth, creating facial symmetry through influencing jaw growth, reducing the risk of trauma to protruding front teeth, and preserve space for future teeth. When interceptive treatment is given if and when the time does come to place pediatric braces Rockland County around age 12 there will less or no need to extract teeth to make room for new teeth and it will reduce the amount of time that the child will need to wear braces.

When it comes to an orthodontic treatment for youngsters at Kastin Orthodontics kids braces is still the most common approach. Traditional metal braces are generally used because they are the most effective, sturdy and can be used on the widest range of mouth conditions to relieve malocclusions in children. The traditional approach places metal brackets on the front of the teeth that are connected by metal arch wires. The varying tension on the arch wires is what controls the pressure exerted to move the teeth into the desired position. Elastic bands also help control the tension exerted. Our practice allows the children to personalize their braces by the use of colored elastics or different shaped brackets. For older children we also offer clear ceramic braces, which use clear or tooth-colored ceramic brackets and clear plastic arch wires to move teeth without being noticeable. While the ceramic braces are extremely reliable they are more fragile than the metal and require more maintenance, and may not be applicable to all orthodontic conditions. Bring your child into our pediatric braces Rockland County office for a free evaluation appointment as early as possible.

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