Orthodontist in Pomona

Orthodontist in Pomona

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Braces in Pomona

Orthodontist in Pomona
Orthodontist in Pomona

For promoting straighter and healthier teeth, we at Kastin Orthodontics offer three types of braces: traditional metal, ceramic, and the clear braces known as Invisalign. None of them is better than the others. Rather, based on various factors, including your preferences, the challenge that your crooked or misaligned teeth represent, and your budget, our orthodontist in Pomona will help you to make a decision.

Traditional braces are made out of metal. They used to be the only option out there, but even with other types available, they remain popular. That’s probably because they work and they are cost-effective. Furthermore, for certain particularly difficult cases of teeth positioning, they are still the best solution. Our orthodontist in Pomona can assure you that unlike the metal braces from a long time ago, the ones you will get at our office are more comfortable, lightweight, and even stylish. If you would like a less obvious alternative, ceramic may be the right way to go. It’s a more fragile material, which may not be suitable for everyone, but the color blends in much better with your teeth. Invisalign, on the other hand, is nothing like either metal or ceramic. Made from plastic, it is virtually undetectable. No one but you will know that you’re wearing one of the clear aligners that make up the Invisalign system. And whereas metal and ceramic are fixed types of braces, which are made at a dental lab from impressions, Invisalign is removable, and is made right here by our orthodontist in Pomona from digital photos. Instead of wearing just one set of braces, you will wear an average of 18 to 30 over the course of treatment. And your overall time from start to finish may be shorter, too.

There’s only one way to select the type of braces that are best for you. Come in to our orthodontist in Pomona¬†office for a consultation. Schedule one with us right now.

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