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New City Orthodontic Office

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Orthodontic Evaluations in New City

Getting straighter teeth means a healthier mouth and a better-looking smile. But getting treatment is something that you should be fully informed about first. It’s why we suggest consultations here at Kastin Orthodontics. And for kids, evaluations are the ideal way to head off potentially big problems while they are still considerably more manageable.

Children should have their teeth and jaw alignment assessed by the age of 7, and possibly sooner if there are reasons to do so. If you wait until your child is a teenager, her or his orthodontic issues can be more complex, requiring greater effort, time, and money to correct. Earlier treatment is called phase I or interceptive orthodontics, and has become the standard for all kids. Some of the positive results that our New City orthodontic office can make possible are saving space for teeth yet to grow in, active guidance in jaw development, and proactive care to address concerns like teeth crowding or misplaced teeth. Adults, too, can benefit from visiting our New City orthodontic office in a timely manner. With a consultation, a specifically tailored plan is developed, along with making a determination about which type of braces are suitable for your needs and preferences. We are pleased to have traditional braces as well as Invisalign, the system of clear aligners that allows you to get your teeth more properly aligned but without some of the common drawbacks that are associated with treatment. With Invisalign, you will have braces that no one can see, that are more comfortable, and are removable so that you won’t have to restrict any of the foods you eat during the course of your care.

So why not contact our New City orthodontic office right now and schedule a consultation for yourself or an evaluation for your child. Call us or use the handy form on our website.

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